Why No Apologies

Why "No Apologies"?

We hear this question a lot when people hear about our company. 

Where did it the name come from and what does it mean to us? 

Well, we were actually inspired by a magnet that we noticed in a funky retail shop we worked at in Las Vegas. The magnet had the phrase, "Never apologize for your art.". Reading that, we knew we had finally found the name to put on the idea that was slowly forming.  The idea of creating a company that would promote independent artists, celebrate the individual, and encourage self-love.

No Apologies' name was inspired by a magnet, but is founded on the idea that we as a society all spend way too much time apologizing. We apologize for being in someone's way at the grocery store. We apologize when we're running late into the elevator. We apologize for being too short or too tall, too skinny or too fat, too smart or too silly. We apologize for being energetic and adventurous or thoughtful and shy. We apologize for being all of these things or none of them. We apologize for what we create, what we dream, who we love, and who we are. 

We apologize a lot and most of the time we have nothing to apologize for. 

Personally, we say we're sorry all the time ourselves in our daily lives. It has been a lifelong struggle to bite back the words that come so easily to the tongue. It has been a recent goal to apologize less for just existing. We're still working on it. 

And we noticed our beautiful, creative, vivacious, incredible friends and family were always apologizing too. So we wanted to create a space where we embrace the individual. Where we embrace ourselves and others as we are, without judgment. Where we celebrate individual voices and ideas without comparison or competition. 

There are so many influences in this world that tell us how and who to be. We want to be a reminder that you are already exactly who you need to be. 

We have learned that as long as we treat others with thoughtfulness, respect, compassion, and kindness there is no need for apologies. We strive to live an authentic life for which no apologies are necessary. 

We wanted a name that consistently reminded us to celebrate the pieces of us that make us unique. We hope it encourages you to do the same.