Becoming An Artist

Who should submit artwork?

  • Any artist over the age of 18. We're interested in reviewing all varieties of visual art. 

What format does my artwork submission have to be in?

  • To submit a file must be in .jpg format. All production-ready files must be in vectorized .ai format. 

If my artwork is selected, how much will I get paid?

  • Artists will receive $250 for the rights to their artwork as well as 5% in royalties calculated from profit margin.

How are selections made?

  • Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis. If a work is not selected you will be notified. There is no limit to the number of submissions an artist can make, we encourage you to submit as often as you would like to.  

  • No lewd, offensive or violent images will be accepted. Artists that submit work of this nature will be banned from No Apologies Art Collective. 

Feel free to contact us at noapologiesac@gmail.com with any additional questions